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Electrical Engineering
(3 Years) - Intake 180

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Electrical Engineering Department


With hundreds of experimental kits our electrical machine lab consists of two big rooms. It is the most important laboratory in the course of Electrical Engineering and is one of the largest laboratories in KPC equipped with most important experimental kits and tools so the students of Kingston Polytechnic College equipped with cognitive learning process.


With a huge number of experimental kits our Electrical Circuit & Network lab and Electrical Measuring Instrument Lab equipped with important kits and tools like CRO, Function generator, bridges and meters etc. help students to grow the abilities to observe, understand, and analyze the circuit behavior. The operation of kits and equipment enable the students of Kingston Polytechnic college connect bookish knowledge to real-world applications and to develop and execute data analysis skills.


With over hundreds of experimental kits our 'Switchgear & Protection' and 'Transmission & Distribution' is a very important Laboratory equipped with Circuit breaker and Electrical relays and tools to create perfect knowledge for students to observe, understand, and explore the behavioral techniques of the circuit. Here in Kingston Polytechnic college, we have a large number of relays and various sets of conductors, cables and insulators to give our students a better chance to have an industry like an experience.


With different types of electrical industrial and household equipment and appliances, the Electrical Workshop and Power Plant Engineering Lab give the students a highly Cognitive, analytical and ideological experience. The students of Kingston Polytechnic College have out of the syllabus experiment and learning kits like PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) by which the can and Develop Out Of The Box thinking skills.

The Laboratories hold more kits and types of equipment than a student would need in the course. But still, in Kingston Polytechnic College it is our belief that more is always better. And it has been proven over the years by the success of our students in mastering the course of electrical engineering with the help of all the kits. The huge number of the equipment has always serviced the students to understand and subjugate the syllabus, better than anywhere in the world.

We, the faculties of Kingston Polytechnic College do believe in a method ‘Observation During Demonstration’. While demonstrations are not lab classes in and of themselves, demonstrations can be viewed as bringing the lab into the lecture and observing a demonstration has a huge impact on learning.


Industrial visit for a student is a value-added learning method. Learning from textbooks, lectures and other study material does not suffice for holistic learning. Practical, hands-on learning is essential for better understanding of work processes and business functions. It bridges the gap between theoretical training and practical learning in real-life environment providing opportunity for interactive learning. Students are able to better identify their perspective areas of work in the overall organizational function and enhance the interpersonal skills and communication techniques.


Webinars allow the students to connect with experienced industry individuals across the globe in different time zones and locations.This provides students to enjoy the plethora of knowledge and get familiar with the right concept of industrialism.

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