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Duration : 3 Years

Seats : 30 Only

Careers & Placement Opportunities for Microbiology Hons.

There is vast scope in the field of microbiology due to the advancement in the field of science and technology. The scope in this field is immense due to the involvement of microbiology in many fields like :
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dairy Industry
  • Clinical research
  • Water industry
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical technology
  • Nanotechnology.

placements & INTERNSHIPS * Placement statistics refer to the number of students who have opted for and are eligible for placements

Qualifications Specific to Job :

  • An undergraduate degree in microbiology gives you the opportunity to work at science laboratories and pathology labs.
  • If you have a Post Graduate degree in microbiology, you can work in microbiology based industries like pharmacy, dairy, breweries, distilleries, enzyme, etc. and you also can pursue PhD.
  • Students who complete PhD can take up teaching at universities and PG colleges. They can also take up a post-doctoral research.


The department of microbiology at the Kingston College of Science was established in 2004 with a motto to serve and provide the best of quality education to the pupils and the society. Since then, the microbiology laboratory has been growing and ameliorating constantly, with an assimilation of every modern instrumentation facility, keeping well pace with the developing trends of the modern era of biotechnology. The laboratory with its resources, being technically equipped and highly ultra-modern, is a technical institution in itself.


Kingston Educational Institute is an e-learning enabled campus delivering education to the students through different electronic platforms ensuring their education remain uninterrupted at any condition. Kingston Educational Institute has also tied up with Microsoft Education for campus (Teams) to provide quality training to the students.

Microsoft Teams aren’t limited to classroom collaboration. Teachers can engage students in different ways with text, video, voice integrations, as well as with emojis, stickers, and GIFs. This encourages natural behaviours and allows students to interact socially making the learning experience fun and fluid.


Investigation of current trends in immunodiagnostic and treatment regimens of Covid 19 pandemic.

The project assistant investigated about the recent trends in disease diagnosis in use for the Covid 19 cases, the current and upcoming treatment regimens for SARS 02 infections and about the ongoing anti-SARS vaccine development project.

He had together updated information about the recent global trends of the SARS 02 pandemic and then assimilate and compile from the biological literature of human corona viruses and from the present reports based on the epidemiology of the pandemic, issued by the global bodies like ICMR, WHO, NCBI, NIH.


Webinars allow the students to connect with experienced industry individuals across the globe in different time zones and locations.

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