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KEI- in Times of Global Catastrophe

The Pandemic Distress

Limited traveling,silent streets, abandoned humans, crashing academics and economic collapse- thepandemicprowl is much more than a global health crisis. Corona Virus is killingevery one it touches with its icy fingers.The virus spreads easily between people in close contact through air during sneezing, coughing and talking, leading to fatality and severe infection.Corona Virus has disrupted the general pace of almost all the continents with the vile capacity to create the largest global recession since the Great Depression.

Interrupted Education Dynamics

As the country gears up to fight against the brutality of Covid-19, the Central Government has forced all the schools and colleges to remain closed until further notice. It is unimaginable that in matter of no time, Kingston is bereft of the joyous laughter and merrymaking of its brimming students. Corridors and dormitories stand abandoned in silence while the ground no longer emanates zeal and enthusiasm. With the suspension of classes in colleges and schools, the academic curricula have been crucially falling apart. Despite the times of crisis, educators at KEI have barely forsaken their responsibility and continue educating its students with non-negotiable standards.

Ensuring Continuity in Education

Leaving no stones unturned, educators at KEI have boosted themselves up to adopt steps to keep the ball rolling. We cannot afford a gap in education- not now, not ever. As per the advisories and keeping in mind the consequences of the pandemic on its students and staff members, KEI has switched to an alternate method of classroom teaching. We have introduced online virtual classes where students will be given distant education.KEI believes that health is of utmost priority and to ensure the wellness of its community is important. We are investing efforts to deal with the unprecedented global disease while ensuring digitization and innovation on the trajectory of learning. Besides the regular classes conducted on Webinars, students are periodically briefed by industry veterans on the effects of lockdown and how the industry is adopting methods to gear up after the pandemic loses its grip.

Fighting the Ailment

In order to fight against the casualty of Corona Virus, KEI community has been asked to vacate the campus. Nooks and crannies of the classrooms, staff rooms, office rooms, and corridors have been locked and sanitized until the lockdown ceases to operate. To weaken the potentiality of the virus contagion, we request you to maintain social distancing, imbibe proper hygiene and sanitization, and check on your actions.

Adopting Measuresagainst the Contagion

In order to ensure global health and safety, Kingston Education Institute has made sure that its community is well informed and assisted on the grounds of precautionary measures to avoid the contamination of the virus-

  • Besides the virtual classes for students e-admission portals for the new academic session has been initiated.
  • Campus-In-Charge has been requested to prohibit the entry of external visitors while the lockdown is in force.
  • Non-essential workers who work within the campus are mandated to a temperature-check to facilitate entry to the campus.
Ensuring Unity & Assistance

We all must solicitude in such times of pandemic destruction and cooperate with the actions as laid down by the Ministry of Health, to curb the ailment and cure the ailing. KEI community stands by its students and staff in times of inconvenience and crisis adopting prompt responses and solutions for resilience. Our online web portal continues to remain proactive to keep the audience updated with our solutions and directives to deal with the unexpected realities in the unpredictable world. We hope for better times and cooperation from you.