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Preparation of teaching aids is an essential part of B. Ed syllabi and therefore, a separate Laboratory is enacted for teaching and training the students for making teaching-aids like charts, models and other indigenous equipment for teaching practice and real teaching.


  • Mathematics Lab
  • Physical Science Lab
  • Fine Arts Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Geography Lab
  • Electronic Technology Lab
  • Psychology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Physical Education/Sports Lab


    KTTC has following variety of School Subjects which a Trainee Teacher can opt.

  • Bengali
  • English
  • Sanskrit
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • History
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Commerce
  • Food and Nutrition

  • SUBJECTS- Foundation & Method

    Educational Psychology

    Since high school, our minds are drilled with careers as engineers, doctors or lawyers. And at KTTC, we offer every course that helps in the all-round development of a teacher.

    To become a thriving professional teacher, one must be well aware of their behavioral changes in a given environment. Educational psychology is that branch of a B.Ed. course that involves the study of Psychology and Education. The course revolves around the study of human behavior and its modification. Guidance is an important aspect of education, and at KTTC, Educational Psychology is given utmost importance in refining the guiding skills of every teacher student.

    The importance of Psychology in our country has always been negligible. Mental health and changing behavior was never considered imperative in a child’s development. But with dynamism every educational course has realized the depth of Psychology and its exclusivity in refining a teacher’s personality.


    We all will nod our heads in unison that the child in us loved to either sing or dance during our growing years. We ourselves have been in the tiny shoes of the ones who show have keen interest in humming to a tune or matching steps to a song.To nurture the love for singing freely in every child and as an aim to develop them aerially, KTTC offers B.Ed. course in music that focuses on making a teacher proficient in music at the secondary school level.

    The Bachelor of Education in music can help the student teachers to refine their artistic portion and further deliver the necessary music skills in schools within the field of music.

    KTTC offers fascinating music courses for the aspirants to enhance their history of music so that as a mentor they are solely dedicated to impact the children’s cognitive development, auditory areas, and corresponding academic development. Every student teacher at KTTC is trained in a way to help children increase their concentration level and enhance their learning and self-expression skills.

    We develop teachers to strategize pedagogies to impart knowledge within a fun domain of music.

    Fine Arts

    An artist’s approach towards an individual is creative and kind. KTTC has offered Fine Arts in teacher education to provide catharsis and enhance the horizon of the aspiring educators to help them build a balanced and enriching life worth looking forward to.

    KTTC trains its students to help their children enter the world of immortality through painting, drawing, photography, animation, and so on.

    Kingston Teachers Training Center help the student teachers to become self reliant by nourishing their creative and collaborative skills.

    Arts & Crafts

    Art & Craft is always a fun domain of learning, isn’t it? For both toddlers and elders, it is a potpourri of nourishing creativity. To indulge students in fun activities- be it coloring, drawing, designing or creating craft toys, can prove beneficial in enhancing the artistic and innovative potential of the child.

    And to help them nurture their young minds into thriving creativity, the course curriculum of Art & Craft is included in B.Ed. teacher education.

    Introducing such a course helps in making the teachers competent to develop the motor skills of the children. Teachers engage the students in moving fingers and hands, to improve their neural flexes. KTTC has offered Art & Craft as a part and parcel of teacher education which would train the student teachers to learn to appreciate art and culture and subsequently help their children to work intelligently through art.

    Physical Education

    Fitness is an essential part of a healthy life. It works as a foundation of physical fitness and development of the body. For those who are keen in sports and keep interest in training students about the importance and need of fitness, a two-year B.Ed. course in Physical Education is a gateway to foster your passion. Kingston Teachers Training Center offers Physical Education as a course which includes the study of development and taking care of the human body.


    With the western language dominating the world, cultural dialects often loses its importance. Bengali is one of those cultural and regional languages that has been overlooked and neglected as a language.

    KTTC is one of those institutes of West Bengal, where Bengali is taught with passion and an embracing love to appreciate and preserve its elements and traditions. Bengali is the pride of Indian literature with connections to the oldest Indian language, Sanskrit.

    Kingston Teachers Training Center offers this astounding opportunity to the would-be-teachers to recognize this sought-after dialect of all times.

    KTTC offers Bengali as a B.Ed. paper for the ones interested to pursue this as a specialized field of study. A two-year B.Ed. course in Bengali can train you professionally and individually.


    To be able to express yourself in a systematic means of communication by the use of words, language is an important factor. But knowing a mere language isn’t enough.

    Kingston Teachers Training Center offers a B.Ed. course in English, the official language of thriving jobs in teaching and beyond. KTTC excels in imparting proficiency in English to its would-be-teachers who would in turn pave ways for their students to master in this particular language.

    KTTC offers a unique design for the course which indulges every individual to master the subject in a different way. By indulging every student with their dull and dry drills, in the technicalities of English can prove beneficial to them while they are professionalizing the subject.

    Physical Science

    Spending hours in unveiling the deepest secrets of atomic structures? Or are you utilizing your past time reading mind-blowing science journals? Every science buff finds a paradise of delight in dealing with the nature of non-living matter and energy. If you feel attracted by nature and the scientific problems persisting around us, Physical Science is intriguing. Physical Science dealing with a vast network of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Earth Sciences, and the ocean, can trap you in its grip of magnificent resources.

    Kingston Teachers Training Center offers a path breaking course curriculum that shall fetch every student with magnanimous opportunities to dwell in the inorganic world.

    Endowing relentless facilities and infrastructure, Kingston trains every student with a multitude and variety of the world- its outgrowth and mythical views. With the successful completion of the course at KTTC, every student can seep well in the propelling careers as teachers, researchers, lecturers, or physicians.


    Playing with numbers can be fun; at the same time, it forms the fundamental part of human thought and logical reasoning. Transform yourselves into logical thinkers with an astounding mental rigor by taking up Mathematics as a two-year B.Ed. course at KTTC. We train you to analyze and implement the crucial role that Mathematics play in school subjects like science, environmental and social studies, and so on.

    Computer Science

    Computer finds its way into every profession and for those who are enthusiastic about coding or seeking a career in teaching B.Ed. in Computer Involving an extensive network of scope, a B.Ed. degree in Computer Science can open eclectic doors of opportunities for the aspirants. Starting from primary to secondary and higher secondary, computer as a subject has been fundamental for education at all levels.

    Kingston Teachers Training Center offers a thriving course of Computer Science in a two-year B.Ed. course encapsulating the hardware and software skills which channelizes the focused stream.

    Life Science

    How fascinating would it be to solve the mysteries of life and the elements of nature! The origin, growth, and development of the myriad of living organisms are the secrets that nature has kept it aloof from us.

    Kingston Teachers Training Center offers the course in invigorating combination with multiple subjects like biology, botany, genetic engineering, zoology, medicine, ecology and many more.

    KTTC trains every individual with an in-depth analysis and research of the subject ensuring prestigious career opportunities directed completely on the parameters of academic competencies.


    History in school meant learning about the freedom struggle. Stories of unknown kings fighting unknown battles were more of boredom but there exists no better teacher than the past.

    To help the children connect with the past through history of our forefathers, KTTC offers the course to all its B.Ed. students. The more teachers produced with profound knowledge in History, the more generations that follow us would be remembering the past.


    The environment that has bound us in its spell has unraveled its role through Geography. B.Ed. course in Geography at KTTC, trains the students to become eminent teachers of the young generation and make the learning of geography fundamental alongside literature and mathematics. Every student sowing the seeds of passion in the formation of rocks, climatic conditions, and the oceanic movements, will be welcomed with an eclectic curriculum at Kingston.

    A two-year B.Ed. course in Geography will help you understand your land profusely.


    Virtual Symposium:

    Knowledge is unbound and it cannot be restricted utmost all crisis. In this vulnerable situation of global pandemics , Kingston Educational Institute has been able to bring all learned scholars under one roof and a very valuable platform through a virtual conference on 24th and 25th July 2020. Here both nationally and internationally acclaimed speakers and educationist share their insights on the future aspect of E learning post COVID-19. Many student, faculty members and departmental heads of all units of KEI participated in the virtual symposium and shared the pros and cons of remote learning. But really we have set the ball roll on through this effort on virtual conference.


    Beyond the horizons of classroom and textual academics, innovative seminars, workshops can make the aspiring teachers refined in practice. With the overweighing advantages of seminars and workshops, KTTC never overlooked the profound importance of seminars and workshops. Any workshop or seminar proves beneficial for any kind of knowledge and information flow.


    Webinars allow the students to connect with experienced industry individuals across the globe in different time zones and locations.


    Kingston Educational Institute is an e-learning enabled Campus delivering education to the students through different electronic platforms ensuring their education uninterrupted at any condition. Kingston Educational Institute has also tied up with Microsoft Education for Campus (Teams) to provide quality training to the students.

    Microsoft Teams aren’t limited to classroom collaboration. Teachers can engage students in different ways with text, video, voice integrations, as well as with emojis, stickers, and GIFs. This encourages natural behaviours and allows students to interact socially making the learning experience fun and fluid.


    One day Seminar on "Revisiting Mathematics with History, Pedagogy & Learning":

    Kingston Educational Institute, Barasat has organized a seminar in collaboration with AIMT on 08-02-2019 at 11 O'clock in the Auditorium Hall, Building no. 8. The seminar was inaugurated by Professor Basab Chowdhury, V.C, WBSU, Barasat. Prof. D. K. Sinha, Former V.C, Biswabharati, Shantiniketan was present as guest of honour.


    One day Seminar on "Revisiting Mathematics with History, Pedagogy & Learning":

    Libraries are a spring of knowledge and we offer seven digital libraries as the treasury of wisdom and innovation. All the branches of library provide access to study carrels, range of rare books, and audio-visual materials on all subject fields and disciplines.


    To keep students at par with the rising market demands, KTTC endeavors to equip the students with seminars on new-age technologies. Ensuring a proper flow of knowledge, KTTC conducts timely seminars and workshops in the multipurpose seminar hall where intellectuals and professionals present and trade their ideas, thoughts, and views.


    KTTC seeks to acquaint every student with practical framework of the applied research. Laboratories at KTTC provide state-of-the-art instruments to students offering well-equipped laboratories for carrying out varied experimentations.

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