Why is BCA a good option after 12th standard?

The new education policies have made coding a compulsory knowledgeto acquire from a very early age for students. It is important to understand why this step was taken as a prerequisite of growth and as an essential to the future population. For the last 20 years, (BCA) has seen a steady influx of interested minds seeking to understand the possibilities offered by coding.

One should always do due diligence on the career option of their choice. Therefore, making a list of the best BCA colleges in Kolkata before finalising your stream, gives additional clarity to your career path.

Our flourishing Information Technology (IT) sector, under the best BCA college in North 24 Parganas, is witness to this growth with an increasing requirement for trained computer professionals to cater to various problems of the corporate jungleefficiently.

A 3 years’ graduateprogramme with a plethora of opportunities thereafter, this course should be pursued from one of the best BCA colleges in Kolkata. This will ensure a sound curriculum that aims to crackcampus recruitments with good salaries. It also gives the candidate a great start to their career because:

An Essential Skill– Learning the programming language in the Best BCA College in North 24 Parganas is becoming indispensable to everyone. This might be due to the tendency of most global companies to apprehend the technological revolution as it saves the time. It helps the capitalistic market values too. With more people in the workforce opting to learn computers, a BCA degree would give an automatic edge to a student’s career goals.

  • No Stream affiliation– One can choose to go for a BCA degree from any stream, science, arts or commerce, as long as they have maths in their 12th grade. So, if you are confused about your stream or think you have made a wrong choice, this is a great opportunity to start your career graph on a whole new level.

A common misconception about BCA is that, one must have computer in their 12th grade. That is not a necessity in even the best BCA colleges of Kolkata, offering this course. You can learn everything as the course progresses even with no base in computers.

  • A Range of Opportunities After Graduation – Since one is honing an essential skill like computer applications for their undergrads, the opportunities of career pursuits are endless after BCA from best BCA college in North 24 Parganas. Depending on their interests in the course programme, they can become anything from a Software Engineer to a Database Management Professional. A variety of career opportunities await those who take up this field of study.

Pursuing BCA also helps develop a range of skills which include:

  1. Knowledge of software development and expertise in applying mathematics and computer science to solving the problem of domain.
  2. Developing comprehensive, object-oriented solutions for practical problems.
  • Goal identification and achievement becomes more organised with the skill of computer applications.
  • This course structure also enables critical analysis, improvement of oration ability, honing communication skills for better explanation and delivering of projects in the conference room.
  • Data analysis is an additional area of interest explored by BCA. Interpretation of large quantities of data is an important attribute in today’s economy.
  • It also enables development of self-learning and the ability to intuitively see through problems. As one learns more and more computer languages and platforms, the specific requirements of a variety of needs are met easily.

Kingston College of Management and Sciences,considered the best BCA college in North 24 Parganas, offers the most affordable package with assured placements in the most renowned companies. This private institute is ISO- certified and provides UGC- approved UG, PG and diploma courses. It is affiliated to the MaulanaAbulKalamUniversity of Technology, West Bengal.

The college holds campus placements for important recruiters like

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • BATA India
  • Hero Moto Corp
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Atlas Copco

Further, a few exceptional opportunities are provided by Kingston College to their students which include:

  1. Internships at the UG level– To gather work experience, understand the cobs of the corporate life, and to make informed decisions about the future. This also allows addition to strengthen the CV. One might also get a permanent offer from a company, thus ensuring placements.
  2. Industry Connect Webinars– These creates an opportunity to exchange ideas with stalwarts of the different companies, learn from their experiences, and clarifydoubts;all while bettering their interactive and communication skills.
  3. Industry Visits –For going beyond the classroom requirements of learning.  A hand on approach to understand exactly what a student is signing up for when he chooses a prospective area of interest.A peek into the workings of an office will better prepare them for challenges of adjustability in the future. 

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