Five Things to Know Before Going to a Law School

The legal profession in India is a rewarding as well as tumultuous career choice. With a country so diverse the legalities are as complicated as one can imagine. Nevertheless, quite a few school pass-outs from the different streams sit for the legal entrance exam, CLAT, every year. Besides, the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, a number of private law Colleges in Kolkata also provide insurance to 5 intensive years of study.

The legal line is secure once you find yourself in a college of your choice. A little research into the best LLB colleges in Kolkata, would go a long way to clarifying one’s path to securing requisite marks in the entrances.

Here’s a list of 5 things to keep in mind when you consider up law after school:

  1. You need tenacity more than love for the subject – While eyeing the legal rat race, always remember to keep patience and an open mind. Because more than the books, observation and quick thinking will aid your pursuit of good courtroom skills.
  • Obscure Study Material – A boon and a bane of studying law is coming across whole books on topics you cannot fathom existing, but they do. And the texts having a jolly good time getting into je nitty – gritty explanations of the same. The comfort of knowledge is often desirable. However, it is possible that you find yourself overwhelmed by the volume of things you cannot just remember intuitively.
  • No Right Or Wrong – As young minds are interested in law, one often confuses that which is legal with what is moralistically just or ‘right’. However, the wheels of justice turn in strange directions and they function on precedence and tradition. So, if you have very rigid believes or passionate about certain issues, it is possible the course material might stand against your notions or make you uncomfortable about reality. Always keep an open mind while learning.  A large part of the process is shuffling through the right and wrong has to get to the truth.
  • Intense Competition–Like every career in a country as populated as India, the legal career takes a hit from the exponential entrants every year. With 150 odd classmates and five similar batches, one is expected to fell overwhelmed by the sheer number. However, it is important to make your presence felt in law school.  Your professors will not only build legal acumen but will connect you to a larger career graph through their recommendations, and in some more fortunate cases, contacts. Be prepared to socialise thoroughly once through the gates because that is what will secure for you your future in the legal world.
  • Graduation is NotEnough – One must keep in mind that finishing law school is only the beginning of tougher world of more hard and smart work. This is why, it is important to look for opportunities of Internships in various law firms from the first year itself. These job experiences, recommendations and paperwork of different cases will give you an understanding of the ground reality irrespective of what you read in your legal books. Pouring over notes might get you a good GPA but it is impossible to thrive in the stampede of competition without a consolidation of ideas and work experience.

Let’s discuss another important aspect of studying law, the monetary aspect. The legal career can also be financially challenging. Some Private Law College in Kolkata however provide affordable education meeting all the requirements of the students. Starting from good internship opportunities to having moot courts and competitions for additional exposure; a Private Law College in Kolkata does it all.

The Kingston Law College is one of the best LLB colleges in Kolkata, affiliated to West Bengal University. It has integrated BA LLB degree of 5 years and LLB degree of 3 years, both approved by the Bar Council of India.

The professors are dedicated to an all round development of students, giving them adequate knowledge about the workings of the court, improving their speaking and framing skills, equipping them to process large amounts of information while adhering to the legal framework. KLC hopes to achieve the title ofthe best LLB college in Kolkata ,  through such enduring effort all through the year.

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