Possible Career Opportunities Post BBA Course

A keen interest for business management study can transform into a great career opportunity if one nurtures the professional skills. For this,choosing an affordable BBA coursecan be a great start. It is important to prepare a list of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata before the admission process begins. During this course, students get to knowabout their college and what to expect from their choice.

 Now a days BBA is a very dynamic field of study. It gives excellent future prospects. However, it is important to keep your eyes on the best BBA College in Kolkata while considering the matter of affordability too. Since the BBA course is often expensive, it requires a considerable amount of investment.  To reap the benefits of your efforts, here’s a list of avenues which would allow you to display your industry expertise:

  1. Since graduates of BBA are adept in management as wellas economics, finances and accounts,
  2. The BFSI or Banks, Financial Services and Insurance Sector are few of the major sectors where recruitment opportunities are highfor BBA graduates.
  3. Several finance and accounting jobs are also open for them. Investment Banking is a very lucrative opportunity which requires close consideration also. Although a certain degree of higher studies is advisable if one wishes to prosper more in this field.
  • Thebest BBA colleges in Kolkata ensure that the graduates are equipped with valuable marketing skills. It helps them to apply for entry-level sales and marketing jobs at private organizations. The more keen recruiters are start-ups. They welcome new, fresh and the most unconventional ideas of market presentation.
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising agencies are also investing in graduates to manage the workload of the ever growing popularity of these fields.
  • Managing wide supply chainsis also an increasingly popular choice. Supply Chain Management requires professional communication skill which is also factored in even by the most affordable BBA course. Due to the overall development, any graduate is well versed to take on the challenges of this work. 
  • Another career path that tests the communication and management skills of the BBA graduate is the Human Resources Management.  HR role is becoming increasingly popular. As the time advances, more and more graduates are using their people skills to secure good ranks in companies across India. A preference is also given to BBAgraduates due to their curriculum layout.
  • Students with diverse interests opt for an affordable BBA course to achieve a salaried means of pursuing their goals. Students with an interest in travelling can excel in tour management joining various tourism groups and organisations. It will allow them to use their knowledge while doing what they enjoy. As young graduates are readily welcomed to the travel industry, this could be a great opportunity to explore for BBA graduates.

  • Aspirants who seekjob experience to figure out the next step in their career, joining a business consultancy can help them with entry-level jobs. As a trainee or even an intern, one can learn a lot by consulting various critical problems faced by different firms.
  • E-commerce is a growing web of opportunities as well as responsibility that requires continuous management and running. It requires expertise to do so efficiently which is what BBA graduates offer to the industry. The market place is now at the virtual. The delivery of goods and services is widely acclaimed.  This could provide a steady pay and job security to a newcomer with interesting prospects.
  • Another way to gainbenefits out of this degree is to complete higher studies.
  • Like Masters in Business Administration (MBA). This gives them better career opportunities. Specialisation in a field also enables better selection of jobs.
  • Masters can also be pursued in PGPM or Post Graduate Programme in Management. This is a one year course and a quicker way to acquire the skills necessary in the corporate sector.
  • A theoretical prowess in financials paves is the way for BBA graduates to sit for Chartered Accountancy entrances also.

The top companies recruiting BBA graduates from colleges in Kolkata are:

  1. Spicejet
    1. Amazon
    1. Deloitte
    1. ILS hospitals
    1. Investmart
    1. Eden Realty
    1. Vivo
    1. Hyatt
    1. Infosys
    1. Kotak Mahindra

The skills acquired by BBA graduates are as follows:

  1. Leadership
  2. Management and multi tasking
  3. Problem- solving
  4. Cooperation in a team
  5. Critical thinking

Kingston College of Science and Management promisesan all-round development of a student. Here, we make sure that students achieve the best possible standards of training & recruitment. Our team of consultants are always available to cater to any doubts regarding their future prospects and goals. As one of thebest BBA colleges in Kolkata, we consider it our responsibility to warrant a class of graduates, prepared to take on real world hurdles with strategic decision- making skills and manage projects with ease and expertise. 

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