5 Differences between DLI.ED and B.ED Programmes

As approved by the National Council for Teachers’ Education (NCTE), both DLI.Ed. and B.Ed. are degrees that qualify one for a teaching job in private and government schools. Both a diploma and degree are valid educational qualifications which help students pursue teaching as a career option. Teaching is one of the most flexible job options, where work is accommodated according to the need of the children who are taught.

Teachers are making the foundation of our society by teaching our children.While being a teacher is an important responsibility of shouldering the futures of so many young minds, it is important to know which entrance will land one their desired job. To that end, one must make a list of the best private B.Ed.and DLI. Ed colleges in Kolkata, while simultaneously preparing for the tests to secure their seats. Different colleges have their separate entrance exams which allow them to individually assess candidates. These entrance exams select candidates on a basis of their knowledge in current affair and education.

But before deciding which qualification to pursue, let us first understand the 5 major differences between the two aforementioned programmes:

  1. Eligibility Criteria – For DLI. Ed anyone having completed their 10+2 can apply for the programme through a state entrance exam. However, for B.Ed. one needs a graduation degree in any discipline of arts, science or commerce is required. Diploma degrees for education only demand a school qualification degree which makes it easier for many people. However, the competition is higher as well. For Bachelor degree in education a graduation is a prerequisite. This allows many freshly graduated students to opt for B.Ed. as an additional degree while waiting for higher education opportunities.
  • Job Opportunities– with a DLI. Ed one can only apply for primaryschool teaching jobs, in day cares, private and government schools. B.Ed. qualifies the candidates to become school teachers upto the 12th standardthat is they can become high school or secondary school teachers. Kolkata has one of the best B.Ed. colleges in Madhyamgram. With both DLI.Ed. and B.Ed. students get an opportunity to teach the younger generation following them and help them mould the minds of the future.
  • Outreach – Throughthe DLI.Ed. degree one can apply for Primary Teacher (PGT)jobs, whereas, with B.Ed. degree one can apply for Trained Graduate Teacher ( TGT) and Trained Post Graduate (TPG) jobs, depending on one’s qualifications. With an additional bachelor’s degree and master’s degree the options for teaching students in higher standards increase.
  • Kind of Degree – The DLI.Ed is a diploma course for elementary school level teaching programmes. This certificate training programme is different from B.Ed.which is a Bachelors in Education, making candidates eligible to teach students upto the 12thstandard. A diploma requires less commitment and less time and is perfect for people who want to teach at the primary level. Whereas, a bachelor’s in education gives more weightage to one’s curriculum vitae and helps them apply for jobs in higher levels.

Despite the above differences the decision to whether or not do a diploma or bachelor’s degree in Education also depends on one’s life’s condition. A diploma requires less commitment and less of a financial toll than a bachelor’s degree. A degree is a longer commitment that requires a substantial funding. However, many of the best private B.Ed. college in Kolkata do provide affordable courses for B.Ed. Kingston Teacher’s Training Institute is one of the best B.Ed. colleges in Madhyamgram and Kolkata which provides courses at an affordable rate. Financial background and on hand social commitments do factor in such decisions. And most of the times people from underprivileged backgrounds suffer.

There are many government colleges for B.Ed. in Kolkata which are of course accessible to all and are beneficial for underprivileged people. However, the seats at these colleges are not always available, moreover, lack of resources may hamper the quality of education delivered. At private B.Ed. colleges in Kolkata more resources are dedicated to allow students to get the best possible results.  Kingston Teacher’s Training College helps students reach their full potential with state of the art facilities and expert faculty. It is one of the best private B.Ed. college in Kolkata and also holds the title for being one of the best B.Ed. colleges in Madhyamgram

In conclusion, both diploma and bachelor’s in Education are great career building options that allow students to pursue their dreams of teaching. However, there are some major differences between the two in terms of requirements, eligibility and career probability. On top of these, the financial background and social commitments of a student also affect their goals and aspirations. Therefore, one should make a carefully thought out decision based on all the above given factors.

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