Career Opportunities in Education Sector

When Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” he had a vision ahead of him. He dreamt of a world where every child across the globe would have access to quality education. And today, when you look around, you shall watch parents scrambling for months in search of the “best schools” in town for their children. Quite progressively, we’ve been inching closer to that dream since the time we broke free from our invaders.

While teachers continue to form the backbone of the education industry, it may pique your interest knowing that education sector not necessarily involves career opportunities only in teaching or working in a classroom delivering lectures. Managers, analysts, trainers, and other professionals increasingly have roles that significantly mark the flawless performance of the current day education industry.

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How Diverse is the Industry?

Education sector is a booming business in India with an estimated value of US $91.7 billion and is expected to double by the end of 2020. India has around 500 million people in the age bracket of 5-24 years that counts up to 50% of the total population. As a result, leading to a large number of education opportunities. With literacy rate having an upward trajectory with over 300 million students being taught across 1.5 million schools, 38,000 colleges, 12,000 standalone institutions, and 750 universities, education sector in India has emerged as a thriving business.

Most obviously, this would result in the need for more professionals. The demand-supply gap in India seeks a bigger workforce to take education to the last mile and achieve the dream of educating every child.

What You Need to Propel in Education Sector?

  1. Qualifications: Most of the jobs in the industry require an undergraduate degree and special training for the teachers. University professors need higher degrees like Master’s or Ph.D.
  2. Standards: Educations sector is evolving. Jobs in this field may not need extra hours of labor but needs preparation, hard work, and dedication.
  3. Personality: Patience, communication, coordination, and cooperative skills are a must to get your point across to the young minds in new ways.

Where Should You Work?

Whether it is managing a school or developing the curriculum, the façade of education holds a promising career for the youth. At a ratio of 1 teacher for every 40 students, there are about 7.5 million teaching jobs available in the education sector, excluding the jobs as non-teaching staff, ancillary services, EdTech businesses, and preschool caregivers.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed an expected hike of 10% job openings for instructional coordinators by 2026, 11% rise for training and development specialists, and 24% growth in the design and development sector. Quite evidently, opportunities are vast. Take an insight into the various posts in the education sector that are overwhelmed with high-paying jobs.

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  • Academic Managers: Roles of academic managers come next to that of worthy teachers when it comes to the success of running an education institute. They upgrade the overall performance of the institution.
  • Academic Writer: The rising popularity of virtual learning, unlimited requirement of academic writers are on the fad. So if you are an individual with a postgraduate degree, love to write and have sound knowledge of Grammar, academic writing job might be for you. 
  • Manager for Monitoring the Skill: Monitoring the skill of trainers could be a cumbersome job and not everyone can fulfill this task appropriately. But aspirants with a postgraduate in math/science/social studies and a good grip of communication and monitoring skills to track the performance of trainers, its time you give this job a shot!
  • Foreign Language Teacher: Recent surveys show that students of today are keen to learn foreign languages besides English.  If you have as strong grasp of languages like French, German, Spanish or Japanese, you can be appointed as a foreign language teacher. All that you need to have is a bachelor degree in any of the languages, have native fluency and an in-depth knowledge of the culture of the nation of the language.
  • Teacher: Notwithstanding the diverse job opportunities available in the education sector, a teacher or a professor beats them all. There are endless scope as an educator both at the primary and higher education levels if you have the appropriate knowledge and degree.
  • Product Manager for Digital Education Solutions: Exposure to remote education through digital platforms has given rise to the demand of digital product managers. So if you possess an MBA or sound knowledge of data analysis, you can aim for this post. It is a job of responsibility and coordination with the digital team.

Why Choose the Education Sector?

  • The education sector is rapidly growing and is valued at the US $91.7 billion and the market is expected to double by the end of 2020.
  • There are immense growth and vast scope in job opportunities in the industry starting from finance, marketing to teaching, and administrative.
  • You enjoy job stability and an appealing career that not only changes your job outlook but also shapes the upcoming generation. The education sector offers jobs that give no extra burden of working hours, unlike other corporate jobs.
  • Teaching is a universal profession that gains respect and prestige in society. It’s an undeniably fulfilling ambit of professionalism.

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