Computers are the Keys to the future.

Computer Science & Technology- An Empowering Course

Recognizing the growing purpose of computing and technology in every company, it is impractical to ignore the vitality of Computer Science & Technology in the career trajectory. Whether it is to prepare your self to meet the industrial demands or develop foundational knowledge, learning computer science bears lifetime benefits.

Computer science is not just about academics. It expands the liberal minds, fertilizes your critical thinking with a strong grip on software ethics, and acquaints you with logic, philosophy, and mathematics.Well, computer & technology is undeniably pervasive in every field of work unleashing career opportunities for graduates and tech-savvies.

Kingston Polytechnic College- the Best that You Can Avail

Choosing the right college to pursue a degree holds immense importance in transforming your job outlook and salary potential.  Kingston Polytechnic College is one of the most reputed Polytechnic colleges situated in West Bengal recognized for offering versatile placement packages for in-demand technological roles.

KPC, with its eminent and highly skilled faculties, aims to take the students to the scenario of the online world becoming alive.From facilitating basic and advanced computing lessons to limitless taps into innovation, KPC helps you in making a positive difference to the  world.

KPC with its state-of-the-art failities and apealing  objectives to adorn thestudents with valuable skills and make them potential candidates for being picked up by reputed companies like HCL, TCS Multimedia, Amazon, etc. Optimum infrastructure and student-centric education, pushes every student closer to achieve success in the tech world!

Computer Science at Kingston Polytechnic College- Its Benefits

  • Minimal course and admission fee
  • Remote learning in times of COVID-19
  • Co-curricular activities like project competitions, Hakathons, project incubation, and start-ups.
  • Conducive learning environment
  •  100% Placement assistance

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