Webinar on Career opportunities after Diploma Civil Engineering from KPC

The impact of COVID19 is really long lasting as expert opinion says. But education cannot be stopped and life has to go on. Shuvadip Ghosh, an Ex student of Kingston Polytechnic College, in his simple version said that it is the strength to sustain in an industry amidst all crisis. Time will change hopefully and job prospect in Civil Engineering will increase as explained by Academic Chairman, Prof Ambarnath Banerji and Mr Saugata Chakraborty, TPO, KEI. But what is essential in both of their views is the strength to learn from all situations is what all industry demands. So the message is whether you are strong or weak in Academics, never mind, but one has to have the inquisitiveness to learn is what Mr Mainak Biswas, HOD, CE conveyed.

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