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We all know, how difficult it is to remain behind the closed doors. But this is a war and the only way to win this war is to remain inside. At this moment of great tragedy, Kingstone Educational Institute have opened up all its digital resources free for all students. And, its free! We are conducting Tuition Classes free of cost Online on our LMS. And, more than a class, it is a fun doubt clearing sessions with our eminent professors. All you have to is to Register for the sessions on our LMS.

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Kingston Educational Institute ensures free learning from home

We at Kingston Educational Institute(KEI) are offering daily e-learning classes as per their college schedule, from Monday to Friday, to our students of different constituents, and ensuring their education is uninterrupted even while they are at home.
We would like to extend this benefit for all the students of class, 10, 11 and 12. Under these free learning schemes, our in house subject matter experts would provide teaching-learning support through various platforms of electronic learning to the students, so that learning for ALL continues even while they are at HOME. We would provide e-tutorials, capsules on important topics related to English, Bengali, Science, Maths for 10th students and e-tutorial support for Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, English, Bengali to the students of class 11th and class 12th. Furthermore, there would be dedicated hours on a weekly basis when the pupil can interact with the teachers and clarify doubts about concepts.
Value added Support- We would also provide value added support to the students and their parents by offering them documentaries on career planning and development. There is opportunity to seek e-mentoring and e-counseling too by the students and parents, pertaining to academic progression and career development. How to go about? Student need to register along with the details in the link below and present their learning needs in terms of subjects and specific topics. Our in house experts would customize those within 48 hours and revert back to them through electronic modes. Students would further participate in discussion to clarify doubts and should they need also seek career counseling and mentoring.

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We provide well equipped Libraries, sports facilities and canteen