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Academic Advisory Committe


3 Dr. B. P. Chattopadhyay (Retd. Professor, Civil Dept, JU) Mentor Professor, KPC. Kingston Polytechnic College is a Technical Institute offering Diploma courses in Engineering. Like all other Technical Institutes, it tries its level best to teach its students to satisfy needs of the society. The special features of this esteemed Institution – as I can see – is that it appoints senior retired professors from some leading universities to upgrade. Teachers and Technical staff along with laboratories and other learning aids of this Institution – So that the faculties can impart technical aptitude as well as G.D. and General knowledge to their beloved students to satisfy technical requirements of the country in particular and Global need as a whole.
4 Prof. Dipak Kr. Bandyopadhyay (Retd. Professor, Mechanical Dept, JU) Mentor Professor, KPC. To translate the slogan ‘ Make in India’ into action, it is imperative that much stress Is needed to be given to produce skilled personnel by imparting technical education, which is a cry of modern India. In this age of globalization it also demands that depth and quality of such education must be of high order so as to produce a battery of brilliant engineers to take up the challenges locally, nationally or even globally. It is well understood that the components of such an educational movement are students and teachers as well as a committed management that creates right infrastructural facilities and provides necessary coordination. To carry on this movement an institution grows up and it thrives only when all its components can act in unison for achieving the goal. In our institution, KPC, we do have a large number of motivated students, passionate and brilliant faculties as well as we have an efficient management with a firm commitment for carrying out this education movement and to achieve an excellence. It is worth mentioning here that the management could move well ahead of time and could think of a unique distinctive endeavor of appointing ‘Mentors’ in different fields to take the teaching standard to a new height. This has made KPC a little different. We, in KPC, are relentless to strive for the creation of the finest environment of nurturing the budding engineers to blossom into a galaxy of task force with knowledge, motivation and high moral character that can accept any challenge and take our country to a new horizon. I am glad to invite you all to join this movement with KPC.
5 Prof. P. K. Chattopadhyay (Retd. Professor, Electrical Dept, JU) Mentor Professor, KPC. It was a great honour for me when I was invited by KPC to get associated with them in their endeavour for upliftment of the academic activity of the Kingston Polytechnique College, Barasat. I was surprised for a moment because the concept is entirely new and unique, but did not hesitate to accept the offer when I found that three other very senior and reputed University professors had already consented to extend their helping hand for the same cause. Presently I am looking after the activity of the Electrical Engineering Department. In tune with the prescribed new syllabus, additional floor space has been created to cater for library and new laboratories. Besides, all the existing laboratories have been refurbished and new experiments have been set up. Fresh young and energetic teachers and technical assistants have been employed for smooth running of the department. I would invite students to make full use of the revamped infra-structure and educate themselves with as much of technical knowledge as could be possible in a homely atmosphere from our team of dedicated instructors. Wishing the best for the institute,


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